Problem Statements

"In problem-based learning, the starting point for learning should be a problem, a query or a puzzle that the learner wishes to solve"
Boud. D, 1995, p.13. Enhancing Learning through Self Assessment

A proof of concept (POC) is a realization of a certain method or idea(s) to demonstrate its feasibility, or a demonstration in principle, whose purpose is to verify that some concept or theory that has the potential of being used. A proof-of-concept is usually small and may or may not be complete.

Python on Android smartphones with DAQ is an excellent low cost, quick and reusable prototyping platform

Heat Stroke Notification

"An NS man collapsed during jungle training and died of heat stroke in Brunei". Heat stroke is defined as a body temperature of greater than 40.6 C due to environmental heat exposure with lack of thermoregulation. This is distinct from a fever, where there is a physiological increase in the temperature set point of the body.

Design a system where body temperature is monitored and when a 2 C rise in temperature is detected, an emergency SMS with location information is sent.

Heat Stroke Notification solution hints

Health monitoring on the Android Smartphones project information

Pope lights Christmas Tree 130 miles away

On Dec 7 2011, Pope Benedict touched the screen of a Sony Android Tablet to transmit the command to switch on the electric current to the Christmas tree, a 2,132-foot-high lighting display on Mount Ingino above the Italian town of Gubbio, which is 130 miles away. Using the LEDs of the Bluetooth DAQ Starter Kit to simulate the Christmas lights, provide a solution which allows someone with the correct SMS code to turn on and off the LEDs even if he is miles away.

Pope lights Christmas Tree solution hints

Flood Notification using Twitter

PUB's water level sensor software sends out SMS flood alerts to building owners in flood-prone areas. The software is programmed to send out alerts when water levels in canals hit 75%, indicating a "moderate" risk of flooding; then at above 90%, indicating a "high" risk.

Design a system where the water level is monitored and when the above water levels are exceeded, send an emergency twit with location information so that those subcsribed to the twitter feed can be notified.

Flood Notification Flood Notification using Twitter project information

Remote Locking

Design a simple system where an SMS sent to an Android smartphone will unlock the door

Toilet Cleaning Notification

Toilets are typically cleaned at regular intervals. However this may result in user complaints in heavily used toilets and over cleaning in seldom used ones. A better system may be to clean the toilets based on usage patterns. Design a system where a cleaner is alerted when a number of users has entered the toilet

Elderly emergency notification

Personal emergency alert systems allows elderly or disabled people to live on their own. Design an alert notification system that can be worn as a small pendant around the neck, on a wrist band or attached to a wheelchair and that send a notification when an emergency button is pressed

Thermometer for the Blind

Design a thermometer for the blind or visually impaired individual using speech recognition and text to speech

Student Weight Database

As part of the Holistic Health Framework (HHF), Singapore schools assist overweight and underweight students with their weight management programmes as well as to provide for students with the ideal weight to keep fit.

Design a weight measurement system, that allows students and their coaches to easily monitor their weight by automatically recording their weights using their student IDs and an Android connected weighing scale.